Questions that you may want answers to or are simply curious.

Why the Name ?- Down The Rabbit Hole?

My first brick and mortar store was in a basement. I felt it was like an adventure venturing into it, and had so many goodies that it was like a fantasy.

How long have you been in business? Over 25 years, I started selling on other online venues before opening up my brick and mortar (when everyone else was doing just the opposite! )

What makes your store different? We specialize in luxury goods and hard to find pieces, but i think what really sets us apart is the fact that a high percentage of our inventory is dead stock (still has tags) and the pieces that don't, look like they should have!

Are you consignment or resale? We are both! I have a bunch of pieces that ive been collecting for many years, pieces ive picked up on my travels, stock from my online only years and now consignment sent to me from all over!!

How do I know if my purchase is authentic? This is a great question and something we take very seriously. we guarentee every purchase and if something slips by our eagle eyed owner (which we doubt) we will make it right. We also are an entrupy store. (all our high end purses are put through the Entrupy process to make amsolutely sure you get what you paid for!

Do you ship overseas? Yes we do, there are certain countries that have restrictions as to what can be sent (we would simply refund if unable to ship) but for the most part we have shipped all over the world.

What about International customs? At this time customs fees are asserted by the country of delivery and are your responsibility.