Why Consign at Down The Rabbit Hole?


Simple we treat you fairly, I personally used to hate consigning because when I went in for my payment it was so much lower than I expected! Or I forgot about the pieces and before I knew it they were donated!

And it because of these reasons we are a little different (well that and the fact that well we are different).


How it Works:

No appointment needed just bring your pieces in or if you are out of town/state/country email us a picture at


We will research and suggest a selling price (giving you the option to reject or accept) – for obvious reasons if emailing this will be dependent on review when received.


When your item sells we will pay you 70% of the selling price (we are sometimes overly generous and do even more if the item is in high demand).


We NEVER reduce the price without your permission!


At the time of print we will hold until sale or until season change (summer April- September, winter October – March (yes we are in Minnesota!)).


Here’s an idea of what we take for consignment:


All items must be clean (excellent – pristine condition), free of repairs.


Luxury designer such as Chanel, Gucci, McQueen, Pucci, Balmain, Balenciaga, (you get the idea if in doubt just call us or email – I have been know to take obscure brands of they float my boat).


Contemporary Brands – such as DVF, Milly, Self Portrait (again if in doubt message us).


Vintage – this one is hard to narrow down. It is best to message us.


Sorry No Furs. No store Brands (such as Neiman Marcus label).